The rules for barefooting are simple. Just stay on your feet and do your thing. There are 3 disciplines in barefootwaterskiing. In the slalom event the goal is to cross the wake (the wave behind the boat) as many times in 15 seconds. You can get extra points for crossing teh wake on one foot. In the trick event you get point for ever trick you excecute accoring to the rules. There are many tricks in the book and it can take quite a long time to fully master them all. I'm still working on some tricks and making good progress. The last event is jumping. The aim of the game is simple: whoever jumps the farthest and managest to stand takes the prize home. There are different categories of skieers. Junior girls (up to 17) / junior boys (up to 17) / men / women / senior man / senior women. The complete rulebook can be digested by cliking the link below

The Rulebook