About Myself!

Hello my name is Nikita Nym Bierhuizen. I'm 14 years old. My birthday is the 25th of December. I live in the Netherlands in Vlaardingen. When I train I usually go to Maurik which is close to Tiel (The Netherlands). In the summer when it is light outside in the evening we train on friday evening and sunday morning, but in the late season we only train on sunday mornings.

I started barefooting at the age of 9. When I first started I did pretty good. When I tried to stand up for the first time I got up.

After I tried a few times I really liked it and wanted to train further. So after a year I tried again and they told me there was training. We got a few times a month there and I started liking it more and more. I trained more often and started taking it serious.

In 2014 I started doing competitions seriously and became third at a few competitions. In 2015 I competed at the European Championship in England and came in third, against all my expectations. I was so happy! In 2014 and 2015 I got training from Stefan Wimmer. Stefan Wimmer was first at the Europeans in 2014 and trained a few times in America. I really want to get more training of him next year, I learned so much from him.