How To Barefootwaterkski!

When you want to try to ski on your bare feet you start out by doing thgis on "the boom". The boom is an extension on either side of the boat which makes it a lot easier to get a feeling for the water underneath your bare feet. The boom is for beginners and for those moments when you just want to have fun. Getting up on the boom starts by lying on your belly in the water, holding on to the boom. Next, when the boat starts to make speed you turn around on your back and you try to turn your legs in front of the boom. when this works and you can sit on your butt you can gradually try to put your feet on the water and try to lift youself. When this works you have completed the first major step.

Next fase is trying to get on the short line. The short line is a few meter long line which is attaced to the eind of the boom. You start out by lying on your back and putting both your feet on the line. When the boats starts speeding up you have to stiffen your body to create lift. Once you have enough lift you can sit on your butt and slide over the water. Next you slowly put your feet on the water and stry to stand up. When you can do this you're almost there.

Next step is doing all this on the long line behind the boat. The long line is 18 meters long. The procudure is basicallly the same as with the short line. The difficulty is the great distance from the boat which accounts for much biggers wakes you have to overcome before you an stand up. Once you can stand on the long line you can start practising slalom and tricks.